'And My Dog Comes Too’ FREE PUBLIC SESSION - 26 April

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Our attitudes to living with our pets are changing. As we look at other countries we see what is possible - the opportunities for our pets to be with us in many different places. For pet owners, and especially older pet owners and those living alone, there can be great benefits in being allowed to take their pets to public and other places, whether it be a park, a cafe, a shop or bank, a gallery, a government shopfront, an office, on a train or a public bus. What about making it possible to allow pets to visit owners who are long-stay patients in hospital? There are opportunities in better access for organisations and businesses that are pet-friendly.

'And my dog comes too.... new approaches to living with our pets'. A public session on Wednesday 26 April 2017 from 9am to 11am at the Reception Room, ACT Legislative Assembly, Civic.

This session will look at what is happening in countries where there is better pet access than in Australia and what could be done here. It will look at ways to improve pet access and the constraints. It will address the related and important issue of responsible pet ownership as better access would require a strong focus on responsible pet ownership. Audience input and suggestions will be encouraged. The session is designed for interested older pet owners, organisations and individuals involved in city and transport planning, commercial sector interests, community services, aged and hospital care, animal welfare and animal management.

The session is free but places are limited and bookings are essential. RSVP by Monday 24 April 2017 on secretary@petsandpositiveageing.com or 0427 975 500, or at https://and-my-dog-comes-too.eventbrite.com.au

Phone: 0412 411 424