15th to 18th April 2022
This Easter long weekend virtual event is for you if you

- are after improving your human-canine connection in a relaxed atmosphere
- and want to gain further wins on the road to a better life with your dog with you relaxed, your dog happier and both of you sharing a stronger bond

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Hu-Cane Retreat
15-18 April 2022
will be even more amazing with our usual relaxing and bonding activities, self-care and wellness care for your dog.
because this time you will also learn and practice and experience different approaches to your own care and your wellness in connection with your dog as well as discovering the potential of your dog in another light thanks to our guest hosts from around the world :

-Tony "Wolfe" Sibbald
- Dr Isla Fishburne
- Diane Garrod
- Dr Lu Fenny

15th to 18th April 2022
4 days to
- forget about these stressful times,
- leave behind your and your dog's anxiety, restlessness, and agitation, your common history of stressful situations

- and to revamp your mutual connection based on intuition (and instinct), trust, mutual understanding and respect, cooperation and openess

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for a different weekend with your dog where you are putting strong foundation for a better life together with your dog

For more details go to the Hu-Cane Retreat Facebook page

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