Queenie was born in December 2019. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl and has a wonderful temperament. Boundless energy means she needs a well fenced home with room to run and play, preferably with a doggy mate of similar size, age and energy levels. Queenie is great with kids as she enjoys chasing a ball and having cuddles and she does get on with most dogs although she is far too playful for an older dog. With the right guidance and positive training Queenie will be a great companion as she's learning commands very quickly, can even shake hands and she's quite comfortable in a crate for a short break if needed. Although she's not a guard dog (because she's not at all aggressive) she is a fantastic watch dog with a big bark to let you know things are going on. She would make a wonderful addition to an energetic family prepared to spend time with her. She is still just a big pup with boundless energy and a desperate need to chew on things but she is very eager to please and has lots of love and affection to give. You just can't leave your shoes lying around but then, that's how it is with all puppies until they grow out of it. All Queenie's vet work has been done so she is desexed, micro chipped, vaccinated and parasite free.

Health Tested
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