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Buddy is a big, excitable boy who doesn't quite understand that his size can make him seem like a bit of a bully when he wants to get the first pat when you get home or be the first one to get wherever he's going. Like most greyhounds, Buddy loves his walks. He walks well on a lead and loves to say hello to fellow hounds and humans alike but, he's also happy to cruise along and do his own thing when there's no-one to talk to. He is a little stand-offish to new people into your home, but once he's comfortable he'll be first in line for attention. He enjoys a good 'zoomie' around the yard and playing with his toys, so a larger yard will suit him best, where he can have a bit of fun before settling in to his 20 hours of sleep a day. Buddy will alert you to visitors with a bark or two or when the neighborhood dogs walk by and he does get very excited when you return home from a hard day at the office. Overall he definitely shouldn't cause any issues for the neighbors. He loves to accumulate (not chew) your shoes, towels and anything else you might be silly enough to leave lying around. Buddy is not tested with small dogs but gets on well with his fellow Greyhound companion at home so is expected to tolerate larger dogs. He is definitely not cat friendly and due to his size, would not be suited to a household with small children.

Racing Name: Scott Hooked
Breed: Greyhound
Kid friendly: Older (bigger) children would be best.
Dog friendly: Yes he's OK with bigger dogs but not tested with small ones.
Cat friendly: No
Bird friendly: Untested
House/Litter trained: Yes
Estimated size as an adult: Pretty big
Location: Cairns
Microchip #956000004908936

Buddy has been desexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated, vaccinated and heartworm tested negative.

Health Tested
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