Yukon was born in June 2018. Yukon is a stunning big black panther. There are few things in life that bring Yukon more pleasure than food. Most of his exercise comes in the form of running up to you demanding pats... then briskly walking over on his more process for as long as human will engage. He has the kind of meow only a mother could love and he also has a special meow that he saves just for when he's hungry. It makes the walls shake. Yukon is definitely a peoples cat... well, sometimes. He is definitely a peoples cat when he feels like it, which can be sometimes or can be never.

Foster parents tried to train him on a harness, but he was so humiliated he just laid down and waited to die. Yukon enjoys blanket forts strung up between scratching posts. He does enjoy watching birds on the windowsill, and laying in the sun on the computer desk chirping at and planning the death of the "mouse". He doesn't like kids or dogs. He will bite and scratch kids if they are rough with him and he hisses and swipes at dogs if they get too close, but cats... well he's yet to meet one he doesn't like! Yukon doesn't like being picked up but he's happy to be patted and will rub up against you for love but he likes his feet firmly on the ground.

Like all Gen Alpha's his self care is super important. Yukon would love a forever home either on his own or with another cat his own age or older, where the humans enjoy patting their cat but don't want a constant companion or lap cat. All his vet work has been done including desexing, microchip, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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