***INDOOR ONLY KITTY*** This little girl had a very tough time before she came into care. She has some health issues that we need to explain. First, incredibly, she has been infected with FIV. This is the youngest kitty we've seen with this virus but it isn't a death sentence. With diligence, a healthy "species appropriate" raw food diet and careful attention to her state of health, Jemma can lead a very long, happy life. We can provide you with more information.

This poor darling must have been starving when she was a stray as she had been eating scraps and had ingested so much paper she couldn't digest that she had to be anaesthetised to clear her seriously blocked system. Through it all she has been stoic and compliant. Such a sweet, gentle and loving kitty considering what she's been through. To look at her now, you wouldn't believe she's ever been anything but loved and cared for by gentle human hands. All her vet work is done and includes desexing, microchip, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

Health Tested
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