*** Adopted ***

I have a 2 year old British Shorthair up for adoption.


She is a very ANXIOUS cat and has been this way since the day she arrived at 12 weeks of age. She loves other cats but is not too fond of humans. She is friendly and will let you pat her sometimes and pick her up but she will mostly be company for you at a distance.

I feel she will be better suited to a quiet home that doesn't have a lot of human traffic. She is used to living in a multi cat household but not a fan of dogs. I feel she would possible suit an older single person or couple and definitely not a household with children.

If you are looking for an independent, low maintenance cat and feel she would be suited to your household and everyday living, feel free to send me a detailed message on what you can offer her. I will be very selective on where she goes and will only adopt her to Melbourne residents only,

She will come to you desexed (which was performed by her original breeder as a kitten)
Up to date flea and worm treatment
ANCATS pedigree
Ongoing help and support to help her settle into her new home

I haven't performed breeder health testing as she was purchased by myself as a pet from a registered British Shorthair breeder.

Health Tested
British Shorthair Health Information
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